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Our products were developed through years of hands on experience. Our genetic hackle is used by our extremely experienced fly tiers and here at KNOLL'S  you will find patterns for every situation you may run across as you fish in various parts of our nation. Woven Flies are a specialty as well as common trout patterns, Salt Water and Bass flies also line our shelves. KNOLL'S also has a fine line of fly rods and tools that are made with our name on them. We are proud of our shop and respect the loyalty of our customers who have visited us for over twenty years.

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When you buy some of our products, you become part of a select group of anglers that are proud to say that they are a customer of KNOLL'S. Drop us a line to let us know  when you expect to visit Yellowstone Country and maybe we can steer you to the fish  and the picture you always wanted hang on your wall.  We love to hear the fish stories of our customers, and if they are not so good we know how to correct them so they can  become memorable.

Who We Are


Doc Knoll built his business under the premise that every angler who visits Yellowstone Country needs a friend who can put them in he right place to meet their needs.

Doc Knoll is one of the ten people that FISH and FLY magazine  call the Yellowstone Anglers. He is proud to sit along side of many of the people who are legends known in the American fly fishing world. 

Knoll's is also glad to say that it has more flies and fly patterns then all of the area shops combined. Stop by and see for yourself what many for the last twenty years have known about this fascinating  shop and the people who run it. 

 Doc says KNOLL's is a "sleeper" and he plans on keeping it that way.

 The shop is on the Eastern bank of the Yellowstone  River  and on the Chicory Fishing Access Road. Just follow the signs.


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Knoll's Yellowstone Hackle

104 Chicory Road, Livingston, Montana 59047, United States

Our cell phone number is 406 223 0310 We are open from July - September or by appointment to meet your schedule.

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