six landing netsLanding Nets
All of our nets are hand crafted and will give the typical user years of use. Our "Catch and Release" net's bag is produced with the best available synthetic material which enables a user to handle, photograph and return a fish as efficiently as possible to the water. Then again, the nets can also hold a fish until the pan is warm. All nets are made using a walnut and ash multi layer  lamination process.


Description Cost


Teardrop - 19” overall


KYH-502s (Brookie net)

Teardrop - 15” overall $27.79


Teardrop - 9”x 13” opening $31.99

KYH-504 (most popular style)

Rectangle - 23” overall

(16” x 7“opening)


KYH-509 (float tube)

Teardrop 30” overall $38.89


(drift boat- 2 pc.)

49” overall 10” x15” ope $44.99


All nets come with either catch and release bag or standard  3/4" mesh netting. Please specify when ordering.


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