Doc Knoll in Mill Creek
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Doc Knoll's Modified Flies  

Often I am asked to create a fly  that is particular for a river, stream, a situation or a particular condition  or just something that will attract the attention of a fish who may be very stubborn or just too darn smart. So as I reach into my bag of tricks I find it increasingly hard to create a fly that is completely original.
Therefore, I'll be the first to admit that nearly all the flies concocted today are most likely knock offs of flies which were tied by somebody somewhere in our past.
For instance, I tied a fly when I was just starting my teen years which was a split between a Light Cahill and a Royal Wulff. I really thought I had something with my newly found "Royal Cahill."  However as I grew older I became increasingly aware other tiers, just like myself, were creating their own little blends of many popular flies. So for this reason I tip my hat to all the tiers who got to the fly before me. Well... at least in a published fly book.
So as you look through the pictures of my Modified Flies you may see something which looks familiar. It's okay... it's just a fly and that's why I'm willing to call them "Modified."

Let's start with nymphs:

Amy's nymphBlack Pipe nymphBugsy's wormBrown Lady Damsel
Gray DrifterHigh country leechRoyal PlatteLamar DrifterLittle Lady Damsel
Olive Ty DownRed hellgrammiteYellow Baetis NymphSoda Butte Larva
NC PollySpooky BuggerFranklinton Bass BusterTuxedo NymphDun and BackYellowstone Spuddler

Knoll's Modified Dries

BC CahillBrave LadyBud's Lamar HopperChip's DrakeDoc's WulffEvening but visibleFoxy LadyGB DrakeGF CaddisGray caddis
Gray dancin' hopperGray Meadow JumperGreen PL HopperGrizzly DDHi-Vis HopperHi-Vis RabbitHi-Vis Shake
Knoll's Light CahillKnoll's Royal cahillLady MadisonMarch-B-FluffMill Creek AttractorMod Mac HopperMountain CaddisMountain LadyMountain Red CaddisOlive BugOlive RatP.J.'s OrangePeacock CrusierPeacock ManiacPocket CaddisPretty GirlRoo's HopperShademasterSlough Creek CaddisSmasher's StoneTrudy's CaddisVisible GreenVisible Green DrakeYA Irresistible

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