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Knoll Fly Rods have been used by Doc Knoll and many of the people who visit his shop. And now he is ready to release his personal lines of fly rods to you. However to love these rods all you need to do is cast one.
Or ask your local shop to contact us so you can have all of our great products available to you.

The NSLF "PRO" series was specifically designed for the angler who wants a powerful rod that can launch a fly in any weather condition and with more authority then some of the more advertised brand name products. This series of rods can definitely add some distance to your casts while it retains enough  backbone to be caught off guard and still outmatch a oversized fish. So whether you are casting across a wide western river or prowling the salt water flats this rod can deliver all that you want or ever need.
Each rod comes with Doc's personal guarantee that you are receiving the best that the industry has to offer. See the next section.
ROD  WARRANTY: Each fly rod sale (Flex and Pro series) carries a one time limited lifetime warranty for the purchaser of the rod. In the event that the rod changes hands to a person other then the registered purchaser the warranty is void. The new registered owner should simply fill out and return to us the warranty card which is attached to your newly purchased rod with a copy of your purchase receipt. You will be immediately added to our register of warranty rod owners.
In the event of a failure for the rod to perform properly simply return the rod to Knoll's Montana Offices  and enclose with the complete rod and a check for $39.95. This charge is for our shipping and handling. Once a warranty replacement rod is shipped your name will be immediately deleted from our roles of rods carrying  available warranty protection.
Knoll's rods not carrying a one time warranty can be repaired for $36.50.
 It is recommended that the owner of either the CF-101 series or the CFMG series contact our shop at (406) 333-4848 to begin the procedure of repairing the damaged rod. "  Doc Knoll

Why this limited warranty?
This is a frequent question. In light of today's spiraling replacement policy allowed by other rod manufacturers,  Doc Knoll does not want to cheapen the quality of his rods because of  these escalating costs. By basing the  warranty using the above parameters keeps the Knoll fly rod line at an affordable price and eliminates the frequent violators of  "lifetime rod replacement warranties."
Doc Knoll maintains that the end  user has to bear some responsibility toward the treatment of their equipment instead of  placing the obligation on a company basing their sales price on actuarial reports and heavy advertising.

Knoll's CF101  Series

This series of rods is new for this season.

Because Knoll's Fishing Products is based on providing quality goods for the angler then why should we leave out the beginner? So last season the boys went to work on creating a rod that was made specifically for the novice angler. Here's a few points on the outcome.
First off, this rod series is made from carbon fibers and not graphite so the cost is not  high.
Its design is thoughtful enough  so the novice can cast short distances without  worrying about "loading the rod."
It comes in two lengths which can be more accommodating for the novice.
CF102 -8'0" 2 piece rod....... $89.00
CF102 -8'6" 2 piece rod....... $89.00

The CFMG Series
$169.50  to  $219.75
This is a full line of  rods  starting at 3 wieght and growing to a 9 weight rod suitable for salt water fishing.
Rock Maple reel seata and Portuguese cork accent this black mid flex rod series.
"This rods was designed to be  equal or to supass the competitors $600.00 rods. All an angler has to do is cast one and compare it to the well advertised brands. I'm certain you will become one of the many who use and cherish this well balanced rod." Doc  

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Flex series 5 wt (top- dicontinued)  Pro series 6 wt. (middle)  Pro series 10 &12 wt (bottom)

Pro series
This is our fast  flex  "Blue Pro rod"

Length Sections
Guide Placement Rod Weight Retail Pricing
 7'6" 2  piece
  7 guides 4
2  piece   8 guides
9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 5
9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 6
9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 7
NSLF908 9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 8
9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 9
NSLF9010 9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 10
9'0" 2  piece 9 guides 12
 Travel Fly Rod
9'0" 4 piece
9 guides 5

*  Presidential Rod Tube is provided with each rod.

Presidential Rod Tube (black aluminum with gold caps)
Presidential rod tube
Fly Reel Knoll's Fly Reels
  Knoll's Fly  Reel has impressed some of the best anglers to visit our Montana shop and for that reason they are now fishing this economical and powerful reel. Its very smooth action, light weight composite construction and "rock solid" drag system made fans out of the many. The reels semi wide arbor gives this reel the capability to take on fish that are likely to be running to the horizon. This very lightweight reel is balanced for 6,7,8 wt. rods. A new 3,4,5, wt. model is slated to be made available in the spring of 2004.        $89.50