floatant and sink bottles

Floatant and Sink

We use just a little more of the “good stuff” in our solutions so there’s never a question of “will it float or sink?”

The major difference is:
 Knoll’s Floatant and Sink is packaged in a larger flip top bottle then the leading products which is  by our competitors.
Our own reasoning was simple:
Our bottles are put back into a vest pocket instead of being allowed to “accidentally drool” all over you. We did this minor deviation from the “norm” because we all have been there, with a dripping and empty bottle, at least once.

Our floatant comes in a jell form.

Our sink agent is a clear liquid and it is suggested that wet flies and nymphs
 be treated and allowed to dry well before submersion (over night.)




Knoll's Floatant

One oz. jell with flip cap


Knoll's Sink Agent

One oz. clear liquid
 with flip cap




Dear Doc Knoll,

While fishing in Pa. this spring (‘02) I was using your fly floatant with a no.12 Adams. The fly was floating on top till it hit a deep riffle. The water drove it under till it got out of the riffle then it popped up to the surface again. As you already know your floatant kept the fly on top longer than other floatants I have used. Thank you for creating a great product. B.C, Fowler Ind.


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