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Amy and Liz on Mill CreekAmy (R) and  a friend on a nearby cutthroat creek in the Gallatin National Forest

   Hello Doc and Amy,
I just wanted to thank you for helping my family get started in fly fishing. Your expertise went well beyond my expectations and the fishing was fantastic. We particularly enjoyed your  personal insights on what to see and do as well as where to eat while in Yellowstone Country. Our family has found a pastime we can share and enjoy together.... Fondly, JEJ, Georgia
We are glad that you took the time to visit our school's web site.
Since we began raising genetic hackle birds and producing numerous product lines of fishing products many of the people who have visited our fly shop have asked if we could advise them on proper fishing procedures and casting. Being fishing people we naturally helped them get started. However, we found that what was learned in a session on our casting pond, sometimes needed to be expanded and evening sessions on Fishing Logic and Stream Side Techniques became frequent after dinner meetings held in the shop.
Now Doc and Amy Knoll would like to offer the novice angler, whether you be single, a couple or a family the opportunity to learn fly fishing from the basic first cast to a point where any stream situation will not frustrate or defeat any of our graduates. All of our class sessions are one day events  during the summer fishing season.  By doing this convenient class you can utilize what you have learned while you vacation in Yellowstone Country.
Classes can be adapted for groups and your particular needs.
All instruction is provided to keep the "class" together as a group.
Fishing pic on Soda Butte - Soda Butte Trout YNP
The school's program provides:
A supervised casting lesson on our casting pond.
A session on fishing gear (held in our classroom and is focused on what to look for in tackle and other fishing products.)
A lunch is provided for all of our guests.
A session on Flies and their characteristics (for various fishing situations.)
A session on Fishing Logic (or why a fish will eat your fly.)
A session on Stream Techniques (or what you should be seeing in a trout stream.)
An evening Q&A session (held after you have applied yourself to a local creek or river.)

We carry and sell  complete gear packages for the  beginner including fly rod, reel, vest and waders.
1.  Gear rental packages (if needed) for the length of your stay.
2.  Guide recommendations can be provided if desired.
     However it is our intention that this course will make you capable enough  so a  guide is not needed.
3.  An evening class on Fly Tying.
4.  Bass Fly Fishing techniques with a fly rod and bass flies (poppers, divers, underwater flies and methods.)

School Rates and Scheduling:
All classes are kept under six (6) students.
Adults and teens $150 per day
Children under twelve $85 per day (child must be accompanied by an adult or teen student.)
A private day of school with Doc Knoll $350 (individual) or $450  for a couple.
To schedule a class:
Simply call (406) 333-4848 for a live voice. will also get you in  contact with us. We will answer all inquires promptly.
All  reservations will forfeit a non refundable deposit if not canceled prior to 21 days of scheduled class.
Accommodations: can be provided at nearby B&B's or cabins (for family situations)
We recommend using  YNP-LODGING.COM  to find specific lodging in our valley.
                                    A Note from Doc Knoll:
fishing picture
"Paradise Valley is the center of fly fishing in the USA.
Located next to the northern reaches of Yellowstone Park a vacation spent in our valley will fill your dreams and scrapbooks with all that you imagined all the West and the Rocky Mountains could be.
Here, at our school of fly fishing, which is held right on our farm and away from the distractions of urban settings, you can spend the beginning of a vacation learning all of what is needed to be known about fishing with a fly rod. After a full day spent learning the basics of the sport our student anglers wade into nearby creeks to apply their newly acquired knowledge while  fishing for cutthroat and rainbow  trout. Then, after student trials, an evening session will polish the student for more adventure in our valley as well as venturing into  Yellowstone National Park and the numerous creeks and rivers which lie inside its borders.
It has always been our intention that an angler should be able to fish in any situation with confidence and understanding. We pride ourselves on being able to produce fly fishers who can relieve themselves from the dependency of a guide or better yet; a fishing merchandiser who does not really care about your concerns. And, unfortunately  there are a few of those out there.
Our shop proudly maintains the reputation of being "angler friendly" and not necessarily "politically correct for fly fishing." Ask anyone who has been here and they will instantly agree that we do tell it the way it truly is. Our annual repeat business and customer referrals add testament to this fact. In short we want you to be successful, enjoy yourself in the surrounding area and come back to see us again and again at our shop.
This sport isn't like golf.... You won't be needing more lessons.... we'll spend the time to teach you what you need to know. The rest will  take just your dedicated time and access to a  good trout stream. So I guess I'll see you when you get here..." Doc Knoll
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